Whatever Your Goals We Are Here to Help

Are you looking for a friendly club that understands parenting and families?

Do you want to get leaner and more toned?  Are you worried about your weight or the weight of a family member?

Does your child lack confidence or focus?  Is bullying a problem at your school?

We are here to help with

  • Exciting and fun Fitness Kickboxing classes for you, your partner and mature age children.
  • Fun and friendly Martial Arts Programs tailored to the specific developmental stage of your child which have been proven to improve confidence, focus and bully proof your child.
  • Invitation only specialist programs to build the next generation of leaders in the Dojo and beyond.
  • Adult self defence classes combining modern psychology and situations with traditional Goju Karate.

My Fitness Kickboxing

Come and experience our most exciting and fun workout ever!

My Fitness Kickboxing has been put together by professional martial artists, personal trainers and physiotherapist to give you the most incredible all over body workout no matter your fitness level.

The best part is no experience or fitness is needed to get started.  If you have never done an exercise class before, or never done punches and kicks, our trained instructors will guide you through every step of the way.  It is group fitness on your own.

In each class you will learn practical kickboxing combinations that you will get to practice on your own boxing bag at your own pace. Then you can pick up the pace and get the most awesome cardio workout.

The hour long classes will have you burning around 800 calories increasing your strength flexibility confidence and enabling you to get more out of each day.

The end result will have you leaner toned and bursting with energy!

To secure your place use the “Register Now” button at http://www.myfitnesskickboxing.com.au/

Kanga Karate

Give your child a head start in life with Kanga Karate

Kanga Karate has been specifically designed to involve kids at an early age. This exercise program promotes healthy living and will boost your child’s self-esteem in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

All children are welcome at Kanga Karate regardless of their ability. Your child will benefit from trained instructors taking them through a series of exercises step by step. The exercises will help develop your child’s motor skills.

Kanga Karate is based on a traditional Japanese style of karate called Goju. It is completely non contact and a great way to keep your child active and focused.

To secure your child’s place use the “Register Now” button at http://www.kangakarate.com.au/

Goju Karate

Have you ever thought about learning self defence or a Martial Art?

Have you ever seen Tai Chi or a Yoga Class at sunset and thought about how peaceful it would feel?

Have you ever seen a Martial Arts Master break a cinder block or send an opponent flying with a one inch punch and wanted that power?

Did you train in martial arts BC (Before Children) and  would you love to get that training back in your life?

Goju Ryu is the style of Karate founded by Grand Master Chojun Miyagi.

In Japanese Go Ju means Hard Soft and Kara Te means Empty Hand.

Goju Karate offers a lifetime of meaningful study applicable to all levels of ability.

Juniors Classes are for those aged 7+

Advanced Juniors Classes are for Orange Belt and Up

Junior Instructor Training – By Invitation Only

Adult Classes – Aged 13+

Master Training – By Invitation Only

Secure your place in our Junior Goju program by using “Register Now” at http://www.kids-karate-perth.com.au/

Secure your place in our Adult Goju program using “Register Now” at http://www.igks.com.au/